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Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Does a triangle in the y loop really mean “bi-sexual” or “perverted”.

FEATURE STORY : What Does a Triangle in the “Y” Loop Really Mean? By Bart Baggett President, Handwriting University

Everyone’s always asking about strokes that aren’t in the book. So, here’s one you might find interesting to know and even challenging to interpret. It has to do with sexual issues and sexual perversions that can sometimes be detected in the lower loops of the letter “y.” Listen to this lecture from the Level 3: Handwriting Analysis Certification Course as Bart Baggett discusses the definition of sexual perversion. Plus, how you can interpret the triangle stroke found in the “y” loop with greater success.

This trait doesn’t always mean someone is wild in bed, several other strokes can change the meaning of this one….making it a challenge for most handwriting experts to analyze.  And, latest research (not in the audio) indicate that the author might have bisexual tendencies or thoughts.   Hmmm.  

You will also want to listen for the difference between the triangle loop and the lower stroke of the “y” which indicates persistence…

Play Audio Here!
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Here is the “y” chart for your reference, a few samples of a triangle “y” loop and the graphodeck card for Persistence….

Below are some other traits found in the lower loop of the letter “y” pertaining to sexuality.




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