Wednesday, 20 Jan 2021
Category: Weekly Newsletters

Why You Should Always Analyze the Handwriting Before the First Date

A close friend of mine picked Danny out of 52 possible dates last week from the America Online profiles dating pool. He liked to dance, had a way with words, and seemed to have it all together. In her prudence, she had Danny fax a full page written letter to be analyzed before she accepted the date. Good move. She saved herself heart-ache and possible injury. Danny is not the most stable man in the AOL dating club and he doesn’t have a date with my friend.

Are you scared or just shy? Handwriting analysis for shy people.

The height at which the t-bar crosses the t-stem is a measure of the degree of self esteem we have for ourselves. The higher the t-bar the more we like ourselves, and generally we will do better in life than someone with a low self-esteem. The lower the t-bar, the lower our self image and the more likely we will live with, and stay in, unhappy or unhealthy situations. The person with a low t-bar has a fear of change.