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Stalker or Pathetic Fan?

Stalker or Pathetic Fan?

An Analysis by Bart Baggett

Can this handwriting tell you if the person who wrote it is a dangerous stalker or just a lonely fan of a radio show host that needs to get a life?

What if you got this type of letter twice a week from a woman you’ve never met. It happens all the time to celebrities both big and small. This letter was shown to me by a radio host from Louisiana. I’ve also seen a similar writing style from an equally persistent “fan” at the KOMP studios in Las Vegas. I’m beginning to think that all loser radio fans write alike.

First, you do the full analysis by yourself and see what you come up with.

Click the picture below to see the full handwriting sample, print out the graphic and do your own analysis if you would like. Then scroll down to see what I found out about this handwriting sample.

Here is my analysis, in my own voice. Just press play (If no audio player is shown below, click the audio file icon).

Here are my notes on this handwriting sample

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