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One of the most common reasons why people want to use handwriting analysis in their life, is they want to know how intelligent somebody is, how ethical they are and they want to know how compatible they would be in a romantic or business situation.

Here are some personality traits that you can know about a person by simply analyzing their handwriting.

A cumulative thinker is procedural and slow. They take their time. They analyze things and want all the facts before making a decision. Cumulative thinkers can be a very valuable and thorough asset. They have round m’s and n’s which form smooth letters. A comprehensive thinker has sharp, pointy m’s and n’s. They are fast thinkers and fast talkers. They don’t always analyze things deeply or have an eye for detail. They will make a fast decision.

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Pick the right person for the job, analyze their handwriting!

One of the best uses I can think of for Handwriting Analysis is hiring and selection! If you’re like me, you want to avoid problems with employees, tenants, baby sitters, even spouses. In this video segment I’ll show you how to find out if someone is right for the job with just a few simple questions.

Helping someone choose the right person can be a very lucrative career for any handwriting analyst…some experts charge anywhere from $100 to $500 dollars an hour consultation…but you have to be accurate and to do that you need to understand what what personality traits contribute to an employees success in the position they are applying for.

The best approach is to ask the employer, what personality traits do they want this person to have and what personality traits do they want to avoid in an employee.

What personality traits would you want for an accountant, a teacher, a salesman, a manager?

Watch this segment taken from the Handwriting Analysis Certification Course…where I role play the handwriting expert hired to consult with Curt Baggett as the hiring employer.

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For those who do not watch much reality TV, her hit show The Kardashians follows Kim and her family around drama-filled shoe shopping sprees and other nail biting experiences.

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