44 Minute MP3: The 3 Keys To Life Transformation & Abundance (Recorded Live in India.)

As you know, I speak around the world on topics ranging from success, handwriting, coaching, spirituality, and wealth.   Today, I am releasing one of the most “Law of Attraction” type lecture I’ve given in a while.  But, unlike the typical new age “thought guru” stuff… I pepper this with scientific facts and easy-to-do action items… and a bit of humor.

This lecture has never been published before and this week you can download it as my gift to you, before it goes on sale for the rest of the world.  You can  listen on your computer, smart phone, MP3, or iPod player.

I found this very special recording about the concept of manifesting your dreams, R.A.S, transformation, meditations, and asking empowering questions…  You can download this 44 minute MP3 lecture here (Now just $.99)

Follow along as I explain how I effectively utilized a daily 6 minute meditation to help me manifest myself a career in the movies, a new house, and a great relationship.  Plus, I explain the tools you can use today, to improve your mental powers of creating your ideal life.

“Keys to Life Transformation” by Bart Baggett

First, download this 44 minute MP3, recorded live in Pune India, on a beautiful Saturday morning in July 2011.

The 3 Keys To Life Transformation & Abundance
Bart Baggett Lecture MP3 & PDF Handout

Download the MP3 and PDF Here

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This “Live” MP3 covers the following topics:

  • What is the Hawthorne Effect?
  • How thoughts effect molecules under a microscope at the subatomic level.
  • How your thoughts and intentions can change physical matter.
  • Action or Thoughts create manifestation?
  • The Key to coaching with congruence and integrity.
  • Divorce Coaches in Japan.
  • What do you really want?
  • Is having peace the highest value in life?
  • Thoughts dictate manifestation.
  • The more money you get, the more opportunities you get to spend it.
  • A better form of visualization.
  • Wealth, Income, and Affluence.
  • Beliefs and Habitual Thoughts.
  • R.A.S.
  • How the brain notices and why it ignores opportunity.
  • The magic number 7 and your memory.
  • What John Assaraf taught me about manifesting.
  • What is the Reticular Activating System?
  • How to change your internal thermostat.
  • Greatness comes from being hungry.
  • Why Bart makes his 6 minute mediation in his own voice.
  • Why affirmations often don’t always work.
  • How to construct your goals in images and pictures.
  • My persistence and failure auditioning.
  • How many times can you fail to succeed.
  • How to ask empowering questions.
  • Tip to find solutions to any problem.
  • How to improve my marriage?
  • 3  Empowering questions which will change your life:
    • How quickly can I pay off my debt?
    • How can I experience more freedom while earning money?
    • How can I ethically make a million dollars?
  • Questions not to ask…
    • Why am I broke?
    • Why I am I so lonely?
    • Why am I fat?


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Today’s video is really controversial outside of the community of handwriting analysts. However, if you can master the language of brain scientists, you will have an easier time explaining why such an easy “transformational technique” like grapho-therapy is really based in science… not the placebo effect.

Recently, we discovered that the Handwriting University family of graduates, teachers, trainers, and faculty members have taught “grapho-therapy” to over 40,000 individuals worldwide… many of them children. What a great start they have on life!

This video explains how I use brain research to help explain why Grapho-therapy works to change your bad habits. Most people would think changing your handwriting for self-improvement is just some hocus pocus wishful thinking placebo effect. Many skeptics say handwriting is not based on science. After today’s lecture, you will have visual proof it is scientific. And, you might even believe grapho-therapy is the real science and something you can use for yourself and your friends. Continue reading »

Challenging Relationships


“Are You Constantly Looking for a Challenge in Your Relationships?” Continue reading »

Video clip. How Neuro Linguistic Programming Works.

bart baggettFEATURE STORY :

How Neuro Linguistic Programming Changes Your Brain

By Bart Baggett
President, Handwriting University


Topics covered in this video clip:

How NLP changes your brain
Success Traits of the Rich and Happy

Filmed live in India.
Neuro Linguistic Programming
The neuro-pathways of grapho-therapy
Continue reading »


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